• Heat Network Design

    Heat Network Design

    At CPV, we are now offering our clients a heat network system design service, specifically developed for our Hiline range of pre-insulated pipe systems.

    • Optimises pipe sizes
    • Selects most appropriate system
    • Helps lowers capital cost
    • Increases system efficiency
    • Lowers operational costs
  • Lowering costs, improving efficiency

    Lowering costs, improving efficiency

    A range of services are available to ensure heat networks are optimised to supply the needs of the connected loads.

    • Simple sizing diagrams
    • Complex sizing diagrams
    • Overall system design package
    • Backed by a design guarantee
    • Drawing on decades of experience

Heat Network Design Service

Hiline Design 200



Design services for all types of district heating networks (*).

Hiline Range Illustration 600px TRANSWe’re the longest-established UK manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems for use in district heating and cooling projects. After many decades of experience, we’re committed to the continual development of the technology and the promotion of best practice with regards to system design, installation, operation and maintenance. 

With this in mind, we are now offering our clients a heat network system design service, specifically developed for our Hiline range of pre-insulated pipe systems.


We want our product to perform on every level of application and installation and, by adding this design facility, we can help ensure that developers, M&E consultants, contractors and installers all benefit from the opportunity to get it right first time.

Pipe sizing for heat networks has never been more critical than it is today. When correctly applied, sized and installed with good commissioning practice, there are financial savings for not just the capital cost of installation, but also for the costs of long-term operation and maintenance.

(*) Please Note: Our design service, including calculations and guarantees, will be provided via a third-party specialist engineering design consultancy.

Our heat network design service offers ...

Suggesting most appropriate system
Optimising pipe sizes
Simple sizing diagrams
More complex sizing diagrams
Overall system design
Flexible approach to payment
Online application
Face-to-face consultation

pre insulated steel installation 600pxSQCost of service

In some circumstances, we will provide (in limitation) this service free of charge. However, where significant design input is required, to give you all the right answers, we would ask you to contribute to this cost and by doing so get our design guarantee.

Our promise

If you commit to using CPV, we will provide our design services to you and ensure the very best outcome for your heat network project.

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To find out more and discuss how we can help, please call us on telephone 01794 322 884 or email sales@cpv.co.uk

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