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Hiline Copper - Rigid Pre-insulated Copper Pipe System

A pre-insulated pipe system for district heating, cooling and potable water applications

Hiline Copper 200



Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 253, this rigid, bonded pre-insulated copper pipe system is suitable for district heating, cooling and potable water applications – efficiently operating at temperatures up to 120°C continuous. Available in dimensions ranging from 15mm to 159mm OD and supplied in 6 metre lengths.


The list of applications that are suitable for the Hiline Rigid Polymer pre-insulated pipe system is vast, but typically, it is used above and below-ground, on domestic, commercial and industrial sites for conveying:

  •   District heating
  •   Chilled water
  •   Potable Water
  •   Hot Water
  •   Option for barrier casing for use in contaminated / brownfield ground

Manufacture and Standards

Pre-insulated pipes and fittings for thermal utilities are manufactured within an ISO 9001 accredited environment in accordance with EN 253, EN 448, EN 488, EN 489, EN 13941

Service Pipes

Copper pipe in accordance with EN 1057 - Cu-DHP, R250 and R290. Options available for:

BS EN 1057 Table Y

For underground works and heavy duty requirements including hot and cold water supply, gas reticulation, sanitary plumbing, heating and general engineering. or

BS EN 1057 Table X

For above ground applications including drinking water, hot and cold water systems, sanitation, central heating, and other general purpose applications.

· Suitable for district heating schemes
· Operating temperatures up to 120°C (subject to pressure & service life parameters)
· Peak temperature for short periods 130°C

Efficient Insulation

A key component in the efficiency of the Hiline pipe systems is our choice of CFC-free polyurethane foam to provide excellent levels of insulation – in accordance with the demands of the EN 253 standard. Using cyclopentane as the blowing agent, we achieve very-low lambda levels – which result in much-reduced energy losses to the media being conveyed by the service pipe. The effects of using a more efficient insulation don’t appear to be much at face value, but factor in a 30-year life-cycle cost of operating the system and the savings – both financial and environmental – mount up significantly. When looking at the life-cycle-costs of a district heating pipe network, the initial capital investment is typically around ten percent – with the biggest cost being the on-going operation.

  •  High-efficiency CFC-free, rigid polyurethane foam insulation
  •  Different thicknesses available (Series 1, 2 and 3)
  •  Available with optional trace or maintained heating cables
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.022 w/mK

Casing Pipes

Casing pipe is manufactured in accordance with standard EN 253 from high density polyethylene (HDPE)


  •  Density 950 kg/m³
  •  Upper yield stress 19 MPa
  •  Elongation at break at least 350%
  •  Expected life at least 50 years

HDPE casing is also available with additional UV stabiliser offering greater protection against direct sunlight for above-ground installations

Optional Protecta Barrier Casing

Hiline Copper is available with the option of a barrier casing to provide protection against ingress of contaminats fom the surrounding ground and environment in brownfield sites. This system utilises GPS Proteca-Line, a five-layer pipe comprising an internal standard PE host pipe, an aluminium barrier layer to stop the ingress of contaminants; an outer polyethylene protection layer; and two adhesive tie-layers.

Site Jointing Techniques

Service Pipes

The jointing Hiline Copper service pipes is carried out with compression fittings.

Casing pipes

The sealing of HDPE casing pipes in the field can be carried out using the following techniques:

  • Heat shrinkable HDPE oversleeve sealed with hot melt adhesive and heat shrinkable bands (Types NT & DSJ)
  • Heat shrinkable crosslinked HDPE oversleeve sealed with hot melt adhesive (Type TS)
  • Wrap around HDPE electrofusion coupling forming a fully fused casing joint (Type DX)
  • Slide over HDPE heat shrinkable oversleeve sealed by the electrofusion technique (Type DT) 

Quality Assured

Hiline systems are manufactured in modern, EN ISO 9001-approved production facilities, using quality-assured materials that comply with all relevant design standards and tolerances for district heating and cooling – such as EN 253, along with any that are pertinent to special applications. 

Sector-Specific Solutions

Off-Site Fabrication Services