Hiline Range at Nextgen 2015

CPV Ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of pre-insulated pipes is using its presence at the Nextgen 2015 renewable energy event to showcase the next generation of pipe systems for district heating, cooling and hot water service applications.

With the demand for district heating networks on the increase due to the UK government’s drive towards greener heat, the need for efficient and reliable heat networks has never been greater. Drawing on the experience gained from pioneering the development of thermoplastic pipes in the late 1940s, the company has evolved the once ubiquitous steel pre-insulated steel systems into a range of different service pipe options that largely use polymer materials to offer increased reliability and improved thermal efficiency.

At the core of the new Hiline range is Hiline Aqua, a rigid polymer composite pre-insulated pipe system that’s been specifically designed to replace steel systems in networks operating up to 95°C.

Like its steel-based predecessor, Hiline Aqua is a bonded system, meaning that the tough HDPE outer casing is bonded to the polypropylene service pipe by a layer of closed cell polyurethane foam insulation – allowing the pipe to expand and contract as one. This, unlike systems with an air gap, offers greater reliability and much improved thermal efficiency.

Installation is also much easier than with steel systems as not only is the pipe lighter, but it is simple to cut and being a thermoplastic it’s joined with a selection of fusion welding techniques, including electro-fusion, butt welding and socket-fusion methods.

Mark Whettall, managing director commented: “With the district heating sector expanding so rapidly, system owners and developers are looking for greater levels of reliability and choosing a pre-insulated pipe system with a polymer service pipe will do just that.”

“Although if designed, installed, operated and maintained correctly, a steel pipe system will offer long service life, the risk of corrosion is always present – especially if the outer casing gets damaged and ground water ingresses into the insulation. Using a polymer alternative such as a composite polypropylene, the corrosion risk is eliminated and reliability levels significantly increased.

“As long as they are designed and installed correctly and operated within their safe temperatures and pressures, it’s pretty-much a ‘fit-and-forget’ solution.”

CPV has also developed a number of other service pipe options in the Hiline range, including a Hiline Flex – a flexible cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) system and Hiline GRE - a new glass reinforced epoxy pipe (GRE) based pipe which is also perfect for heating applications up to 120°C at a constant temperature.

“We’re getting a lot of interest for these systems, particularly from network owners and developers that have previously had bad experiences with corrosion of steel systems. With our additional support services, such as design and engineering support, we are able to ensure that quality levels remain high and the recently introduced CIBSE Code of Practice for heat networks is adhered to” concluded Wettell.

To find out more, the entire Hiline range will be on display on Stand K10 at the 2015 Nextgen show which takes place on the 7th and 8th of October at the Stoneleigh Showground in Warwickshire. To register for the free event, visit www.nextgenexpo.co.uk/CPV


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Based near Romsey, Hampshire, CPV Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist engineering pipe systems for industrial and building-related applications. Founded in 1949 as the Chemical Pipe and Vessel Company (CPV), the company has established a worldwide reputation for its innovative range of products, including corrosion-resistant pipe solutions and pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling applications.

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