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CPV's District Heating Pipe's on a Roll

A leading British district heating pipe system manufacturer, CPV Ltd, has installed a brand new pipe coiling machine at its Hampshire manufacturing base to help meet the increasing demand for the Hiline Flex pre-insulated PEX pipe system.

HilineFlexInstallation 300x450

The new machine will enable any length of flexible district heating pipe to be quickly dispensed in coils of up to 1,000 metres in length, meaning that on-site installation costs can be significantly lowered as the number of joints required can be minimised.

Andrew Leach, CPV’s business development director commented: “Having introduced this new pipe product in 2014, we’ve been very pleased by the way in which our customers have responded and this has led to us further streamlining our new 3,500 square-metre warehouse and packing facilities to enable client orders to be processed much more quickly – getting pipe out the same day in many cases.”

“With the new coiling machine, we can also dispatch straight on to pipe coil trailers which enables safe uncoiling and swift installation of Hiline Flex pipes straight into pre-prepared trenches.”

For further information, please call 01794 322 884, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the company’s website: www.cpv.co.uk


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About CPV

Based near Romsey, Hampshire, CPV Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist engineering pipe systems for industrial and building-related applications. Founded in 1949 as the Chemical Pipe and Vessel Company (CPV), the company has established a worldwide reputation for its innovative range of products, including corrosion-resistant pipe solutions and pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling applications.

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