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New District Heating Pipe System Unveiled

In response to the government’s drive to decarbonise the nation’s heating supplies, British manufacturer CPV Ltd has unveiled a brand new pre-insulated pipe system for use in district heating applications.

Hiline Flex, as its name suggests, is a flexible, pre-insulated PEX pipe system that is designed for use in buried heat networks. A cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) service pipe is encased inside a highly-efficient bonded layer of polyurethane foam insulation, which in turn is protected by a distinctive corrugated green outer casing of LDPE.

Supplied in dimensions ranging from 25mm up to 160mm OD - with both single and, in certain dimensions, twin PE-Xa service pipe configurations - the pipes are delivered to site in continuous lengths on rolls (with the exception of the 160mm OD pipe), to minimise on-site jointing and speed-up installation times.

Suitable for continuous operating temperatures of up to 80°C, the Hiline Flex system is available with a whole range of joints, fittings and accessories that ensure not only a speedy installation, but a long lifetime of efficient and reliable operation.hiline-flex-tee-joint-fitting 1 300

Mark Whettall, CPV’s managing director, commented: “We have invested heavily in our UK production and warehousing facilities and the launch of this new, flexible district heating pipe system underpins our commitment to the development of the heat networks that are being built in response to the fight against climate change.”

“Although pre-insulated steel pipe systems still have an important role to play – particularly in the larger-scale distribution networks and arterial supplies, we’re seeing many more hybrid systems being developed that use a combination of both steel and flexible PE-Xa systems for the smaller distribution networks.

“Being flexible, Hiline Flex is the ideal choice for consumer connections, where it can easily dodge unforeseen buried obstacles and thereby cut installation times. The low frictional resistance of the service pipe also means that smaller pipe dimensions can be employed when compared to its steel equivalent – further lowering the capital cost for system owners and developers.

“In recent years, there have been a number of ‘budget’ flexible pipe systems launched into the UK market, but with lower cost, comes lower performance. We’ve made great efforts to ensure that our new Hiline Flex system offers premium performance, which when looking at a working life of well in excess of 25 years (at 80°C), the operational cost savings speak for themselves.”

During the recent expansion of the company’s Hampshire-based production facility, it has constructed a new training centre that is enabling it to certify engineers, installers and supervisors in the best practices for high-quality installation methods for pre-insulated heat networks.

Whettall continued: “By keeping standards high, we are ensuring that confidence can grow in the district heating sector’s ability to reliably deliver low-carbon heating and hot water to consumers.”


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About CPV

Based near Romsey, Hampshire, CPV Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist engineering pipe systems for industrial and building-related applications. Founded in 1949 as the Chemical Pipe and Vessel Company (CPV), the company has established a worldwide reputation for its innovative range of products, including corrosion-resistant pipe solutions and pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling applications.

For further information, please visit the company’s website: www.cpv.co.uk