CPV and Eastleigh College

Apprentices : CPV is working alongside Eastleigh College in Southampton to employ apprentices eager to learn and develop skills in custom plastic fabrication and pipework production. Apprentices work onsite at the CPV factory in West Wellow and on a day release to Eastleigh College.

This is the second intake of apprentices through Eastleigh College and we plan to keep this cycle of employing every 2 years. This current intake has seen one apprentice join the Fabrication department and a second join the QA Team. CPV Ltd are also working actively with Eastleigh College to build good relationships through real life projects for the college to work on, which will allow us to become more efficient in our processes.

Supervisors :

Two of the supervisors at CPV Ltd are undertaking a NVQ in Business Improvement Techniques ( BIT ), through Eastleigh College. This course looks at introducing the Supervisors to modern and Lean business practises, which will allow CPV Ltd to become more efficient. A second batch of CPV Ltd students is planned for September / October 2011.