CPV Takes on sisKMR Software

CPV is now the only UK Licensed holder and operator of the sisKMR software from GEF AG Germany and for which a number of staff from our technical and projects teams have undergone intensive training here at CPV.

The sisKMR software is the recognised industry standard software package for stress analysis of pre-insulated pipes installed for district heating applications and is very often a prerequisite for schemes installed in other European countries.

In recognition of the major potential growth for district heating here in the UK and therefore the opportunities for CPV, we have taken the initiative to become the UK leader in offering this service to support the our Hiline pre-insulated piping products and being able to prove our design proposals meet the requirements of EN13941 – “Design and installation of pre-insulated bonded pipe systems for district heating”.

CPV Ltd is a specialist thermoplastics manufacturer, founded in 1949, with a wide range of industrial and building related products. These include chemical resistant pipes, pressure pipes, pre insulated pipes and a range of custom fabricated products including thermoplastic storage tanks. All are supported by CPV’s technical back-up and training.