Training Centre Close to Completion

CPV Limited - one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating applications - is close to completing a brand new training centre that is set to boost the number of qualified installers of district heating pipe systems in the UK.

Earlier this year, the company’s managing director, Mark Whettall, led a campaign that called for the creation of industry-wide standards to encompass the design, installation, operation and maintenance of district heating pipe networks. “The training of both installers and those overseeing their work is crucial to the quality and long-term reliability of pre-insulated pipe networks.” Whettall commented, “The integrity of service pipe and casing jointing systems is very-much at the core of the essential training – along with an understanding of how to install, operate and maintain the moisture detection and location systems that are commonly installed on pre-insulated steel systems.”

“It is critical that, as an industry, we stamp out the bad practices that some contractors are carrying out – using unskilled operatives to install pre-insulated pipe systems. We have recently encountered a network that’s been installed with leaking, site-based service pipe welds – so clearly insufficient NDT and hydraulic pressure testing has been carried out and we would even question whether coded welders had been employed for this installation.

“Our industry is faced with unprecedented levels of growth potential, DECC has nailed its colours to the mast and supported the technology as a means of decarbonising the UK’s heating supplies – so we all need to be vigilant in ensuring that our products are being designed and installed correctly. If we don’t, I don’t need to spell out what’s likely to happen in terms of government support.”

CPV’s new training centre is just part of the company’s £1million investment in new production and warehousing facilities at its site in East Wellow, near Romsey in Hampshire. Having installed a dedicated buried pipe network for the training centre, the company’s engineers will be able to simulate faults that will help train operatives on how to accurately use moisture detection and location equipment.

“We’ll be announcing details of the availability of training courses in the coming weeks and information on this will be added to our new website that’s also due to be launched later this month.” Whettall added.

The company’s investment in the new 3,500m2 development has been brought about in response to an increasing demand for its Hiline pre-insulated pipe systems. It will not only boost CPV’s production capacity, but offer much greater levels of stock holding – meaning that clients’ demands for pipe and fittings can often be supplied directly from stock based in the UK – vastly speeding up the progress of a project and minimising waiting times on site and the disruption this can often cause.



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