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CPD for Pre-insulated Heat Network Design and Specification

A new CIBSE-certified CPD presentation for the design and specification of pre-insulated heat networks has been launched by CPV Ltd, the UK’s longest-serving manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems. The two-hour presentation offers a valuable insight into the very latest developments in best practice for heat networks, at a time when all eyes are on the technology as a means of helping decarbonise the UK’s heating supplies.

Hiline Pre-insulated pipe system illustrationHaving been the UK’s first manufacturer of pre-insulated steel pipe systems under its Hiline brand in the early 1980s, the company has stayed at the forefront of system design and development during the ensuing years. Most recently, this approach has seen the introduction of systems taking advantage of new advanced composite materials that not only improve the reliability and thermal performance of the systems, but also help lower the cost of ownership for system developers.

The presentation covers two main sections, the first discussing pipe system materials and how their selection can affect the successful outcome of a network. Secondly, design considerations are covered, looking at all facets – from concept through to how the system will perform in operation.

Mark Whettall, CPV’s managing director, commented: “There are a multitude of different considerations that must be explored when designing and specifying a pre-insulated heat network and they must be approached very differently than traditional above-ground heating distribution systems.”

“Selection of the correct pipe materials, insulation thickness, jointing techniques and applying the right design criteria – our CPD presentation looks at this in detail and also offers an insight into how different systems can be used together to create hybrid system that tailor the system to meet the exacting needs of a particular project – effectively cherry-picking the benefits.

Hiline pre-insulated pipe fabrication

“Getting this right is so critical, as a seemingly small oversight can have big consequences further down the line, particularly if the system needs to be revisited when in operation. With our CPD presentation, we flag up the pitfalls and showcase the very best route to ensure a successful heat network project.”

Another recent development to be embraced by CPV is the application of off-site fabrication to break down pipe systems into modular prefabricated sections to speed up installation times, improve quality and lower the installed costs. This is a topic that is featured in the CPD presentation and real-life examples of projects that have benefited from this approach are also showcased.

Mark Whettall concluded: “We’re passionate about helping our clients produce the very best heat networks and thereby provide many decades of trouble-free operation. It’s so important that these heat networks are allowed to flourish and play their important part in moving the UK to a position of net zero carbon emissions.”

“We want to make it easy for interested parties to access these presentations, so we can host them at our modern training centre near Romsey, or alternatively, we’ll come to our clients – whatever suits them best.”

To find out more information and book a place for you or your team,  please visit www.cpv.co.uk/cpd  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +44 (0)1794 322 884




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