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Heat Network Specialist Expands Production

A leading UK manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems for use in district heating and cooling networks, CPV Ltd, is responding to increasing demand for its range of specialist pipe systems, with a multi-million-pound investment that will see its Hampshire-based headquarters and manufacturing facility expand.

Located on the outskirts of Romsey, CPV pioneered the production of pre-insulated pipe systems in the UK in the early 1980s with the launch of its Hiline range of pipes and has continued to develop new products and services that help lower the cost of heat networks. This latest phase of its development covers some 3,260 square metres of space that enables CPV to not only increase capacity for its extruded polymer pipe products, but most importantly, further bolster its burgeoning off-site manufacturing capability.

Designed to speed-up installation times, improve quality and lower costs, CPV’s off-site fabrication service breaks up a system into pre-fabricated modules that can quickly be assembled on site, which enables fast, efficient and accurate deployment of pipe systems.Hiline Aqua Fabrication 600x400

Mark Whettall, managing director, commented: “As they’re growing ever-more popular, heat networks are now evolving – not only are we using advanced composites to improve reliability and thermal performance, but the techniques used to install them have moved on in leaps and bounds which can have a positive knock-on effect for developers.”

“2019 is set to be a milestone year for us as we’ll be marking our company’s 70th anniversary with the launch of the new factory, which will stand us in good stead for continued growth during the next seventy years.”

The expanded factory, which will be home to the company’s 45 employees, will incorporate a solar PV roof to generate a large proportion of the site’s electrical needs from the sun, which is one of a series of environmentally-friendly measures implemented which has also seen 2,500 trees planted on the nine-acre site.