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Pipe Specialists Partner to Launch District Heating Pipe System

Two of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist pipe systems - CPV Ltd and Radius Systems Ltd - have come together to launch a new, innovative pre-insulated polymer pipe system developed specifically for buried district heating networks.

Called FibreFlex, this new pipe system incorporates an aramid mesh – a material commonly used in bullet-proof vests - in a composite service pipe that not only enables the system to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than conventional PEX systems, but its reduced wall thickness provides additional space for insulation. This has the dual benefit of improving thermal performance and making the system more flexible than its PE-Xa-only counterparts.

Being able to operate at temperatures up to 115 °C and pressures as high as 16 bar, FibreFlex offers performance normally associated with traditional pre-insulated steel systems, but without the risk of corrosion.

Mark Whettall, managing director of CPV Ltd, commented: “CPV has been manufacturing pre-insulated pipe systems in the UK since the 1970s and we have developed an evolving range of piping solutions to better serve district heating applications. We’ve been very impressed by this new system and it was a logical step for us to partner with Radius Systems in bringing it to the UK and Irish markets.”

“The company’s innovation, global infrastructure and high-quality of manufacture is essential to successfully supporting the growing demands of the latest generation of heat networks that are currently being developed.”

Mark Hunter, product and technical support manager for Radius Systems, said: “We are delighted to work with CPV to bring to market this range of innovative district heating pipe systems manufactured by Radius-Kelit, our district heating pipe manufacturing company based in Austria. CPV are renowned and well established in this sector and their strength in the manufacture, design and installation of district heating systems provides an excellent partnering arrangement which complements our technological expertise of plastic pipe systems. We look forward to working closely with CPV to promote this innovative solution and hope to bring great benefits to district heating system owners, installers and operators.”

FibreFlex offers two systems, both of which are encased inside a highly-efficient bonded layer of polyurethane foam insulation, which in turn is protected by a tough corrugated outer casing of LDPE.

The two reinforced service pipe options, FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro, can be supplied in dimensions up to 160 mm OD - with both single and twin service pipe configurations – and delivered to site coiled in continuous lengths to minimise on-site jointing and speed-up installation times.

Both systems are offered with a complete range of joints, fittings, valves and accessories that ensure not only a speedy installation, but a long lifetime of efficient and reliable operation.