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Pre-insulated Pipe Manufacturer Expands

In response to an increasing demand for its Hiline range of pre-insulated pipe systems, CPV Ltd has further expanded its production capability with the installation of a brand new polyurethane insulation foaming line.

Now the UK’s longest-serving manufacturer of district heating pipes, the company has increased its capacity to support the further development of new non-ferrous service pipe options. These include service pipes in materials such as polypropylene (PP-R) and glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) that are proving popular with designers and developers of both heating and cooling networks.

Mark Whettall, managing director, commented: “Whilst our traditional pre-insulated steel systems continue to be produced, we’re finding many more clients are turning to these non-ferrous options.”

“With service pipes that can compete with steel in terms of the operating temperatures - up to 120C and pressures of 20 bar - having absolutely no risk of corrosion is very appealing to system owners.

“As the UK district heating and cooling sector continues its meteoric rise in popularity, banks and investors need to have confidence in seeing their buried assets provide a long and trouble-free working life. As long as they are operated within the agreed design parameters, these new systems will provide exceptional levels of reliability.

“With the investment that we’ve made in our Hampshire production facility, we can now fulfil non-stock orders much more quickly.”

For further information on the Hiline range of pre-insulated pipes, please visit www.cpv.co.uk/hiline