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Pioneering Poultry System opts for CPV Hiline

When designing and installing a pioneering biomass CHP system for a large Nottinghamshire poultry farm, renewable energy specialist C&H Biomass chose two of the CPV Hiline range of pre-insulated pipe systems for use in the project’s buried LTHW network.

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Thought to be the first project of its kind in the UK, the system utilises poultry litter as a fuel for a biomass CHP system that generates both heat and electrical power for the family-run poultry business Germany Farms, at its Muskham Wood site. The technology employed combusts the site’s poultry litter in a 2MW boiler and, via an ORC (organic rankine cycle) engine, converts some of the heat energy into electrical power for use on site, with any surplus power being sold and exported back into the grid.

The remaining heat energy is then distributed across the site in a 1.5km buried pre-insulated LTHW network operating at 85C to feed the space heating requirements for 16 poultry sheds, with a centralised 240,000 litre thermal storage tank buffering the heat load for optimal system efficiency.

Ed Caldecott, director of CH Biomass Ltd, commented: “With the pioneering nature of this project, it was vitally important that there were no weak links in the chain. One such element was the performance and reliability of the buried pre-insulated LTHW distribution system that supplies the 16 poultry sheds.”

“Having researched the systems available to us, we opted for CPV’s Hiline range of pre-insulated pipes as not only did it have a good reputation, but it also gave us a choice of service pipe materials. The network’s design called for a variety of sizes, so we chose a traditional pre-insulated steel pipe for certain sections and a flexible pre-insulated PEX for the remainder.

“CPV’s technical support has been fantastic and this, coupled with the quality of the product and the ease of its installation, has resulted in the construction of the network progressing without a hitch.”

Indeed, the company has subsequently gone on to utilise a further 1.8km of the Hiline system for an expansion of the distribution network - supplying the poultry farm’s neighbouring Model Farm site, providing space heating to a further 12 sheds.

Mark Whettall, managing director of CPV Ltd, the pipe system’s manufacturer added: “We’re finding more system developers are choosing to install composite networks that consist of different types of our Hiline range – with larger-dimensioned arterial lines often using steel or rigid polymers such as polypropylene and smaller branch connections using flexible PEX-based systems.”

germany farms chp plant 400x600“This mix-and-match approach offers heat network designers, developers and installers a lot of flexibility as they can select the best aspects of each system and combine them in order to meet their project’s exact requirements.

“Furthermore, customers are getting more savvy when analysing the operational costs associated with the heat loss from pre-insulated systems, which is good as different manufacturers’ systems can wildly vary in performance.

“Some ‘budget’ systems with flexible, segmental foam insulation and an air gap can have as much as 100 percent more heat loss than the Hiline system with its bonded closed-cell polyurethane foam. Over the operational lifetime of a network, this can amount to a lot of wasted fuel and vastly increased carbon emissions.”

Being entirely renewable, the innovative CHP system installed by C&H Biomass attracts support from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for the heat produced and Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for the electricity generated. This provides the system’s owner with an annual income, whilst the selection of a sustainable poultry-litter-based fuel also offsets the site’s previous dependency on LPG for space heating - mitigating the CO2 emissions that would have otherwise resulted from the use of LPG and grid-supplied electricity.




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