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Zurn Laboratory and Chemical Drainage System

CPV-Zurn – the safe and reliable choice for above-ground chemical drainage applications.


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CPV-Zurn is a high-performance chemical drainage system that’s been specifically designed for safe use in laboratory and industrial applications. Made from block copolymer polypropylene, it can withstand high temperatures and offers excellent reliability and service life due to its exceptional resistance to most organic and mineral acids, alkalis, alcohols and salt solutions.

Product Overview

  • Sizes DN 38mm to 152mm
  • Continuous temperature range -20°C to 120°C (up to 140°C for short periods)
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM F1412 -the only internationally-recognised standard specifically for chemical and corrosive drainage
  • Smooth bore results in high volumetric flow
  • Choice of mechanical or electro-fusion jointing techniques using one type of fitting
  • No grooving required at pipe joints
  • Simple tooling for jointing systems
  • Comprehensive range of pipe, fittings and components
  • Tested and proven to be compatible with existing drainage installations
  • Flame retarded option available
  • Dual-containment configuration possible

woman laboratory 400Typical Applications

The CPV-Zurn chemical drainage system has been well-proven in a wide variety of laboratory applications in schools, universities and hospitals as well as medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and biotechnology research facilities. The system can also be used for conveying low-level radioactive waste liquids.

Complete System

The CPV-Zurn system contains a wide range of joints, fittings and ancillary components to cover most applications, including items such as bench fittings, floor drains, gullies, neutralisation tanks, pH monitoring systems, ventilation, fire stops, fixings, tools, etc.

Quick and Easy to Install

With a choice of mechanical or electro-fusion techniques, the flexible range of easy-to-fit joints require no grooving and offer lower installation costs - reducing the chance of faulty installations.

STAB-LOCK - Mechanical Joint

STAB-LOCK - Mechanical Joint

  • No grooving required
  • Sealing ring with a proven, stainless steel grab-ring
  • No solvent or glue required
  • Easily removed and refitted
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • No special tooling required
FUSION-LOCK - Electro-Fusion Joint

FUSION-LOCK - Electro-Fusion Joint

  • No grooving required
  • Automated welding process
  • Multiple joints can be welded simultaneously
  • No clamping
  • Fit-and-forget joint completely fuses the pipes together

Quality as Standard

CPV-Zurn products are manufactured to very high quality control standards with CPV’s UK-based manufacturing facility being ISO 9001 certified and underpinned by nearly seven decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of polymer pipe systems.

Below-Ground Drainage

CPV-Zurn has been designed to seamlessly connect to CPV-Floway, an underground chemical and effulent drainage system that also has a range of pipe, fittings, gullies, access chambers and manholes that are perfect for the safe drainage of aggressive chemicals, hazardous effluents, hot discharges and surface wastewater.

Completed Projects

  • Harper Adams University College
  • Manchester University
  • Portsmouth University
  • Institute of Child Health
  • Rolls Royce
  • Southampton General Hospital
  • Sandon High School
  • Bristol University
  • Bath University
  • Oxford University Bio-Chemistry
  • Al Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
  • Muscat Airport, Oman
  • Taibah University, Saudi Arabia