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Floway Chemical Drainage System

The Floway range of polypropylene piping and containment products offer outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance over a wide operational temperature range.

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Floway systems are designed and manufactured by CPV to clients’ specific requirements and specification. The Floway system complies with the requirements of EN 1852-1:1997 prA1;2000 – plastic piping for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage. Floway pipe is manufactured from high-modulus polypropylene having a ring stiffness greater than 8KNm-2 thus enabling installation of pipework under the building structure, application area code UD.

The Floway system comprises a comprehensive range of pipes, moulded fittings, fabricated fittings, access chambers, man-ways, gullies, neutralisation tanks, dilution chambers, channels, etc. – available with a range of on-site jointing options including butt welding, socket fusion, electrofusion and mechanical joints. Floway systems are also available as dual-containment piping.

CPV also offers the facility to pre-fabricate and factory assemble Floway systems as well as offering pipe extrusions and mouldings to clients’ specifications and manufactured from alternative materials including PVDF, PP-H, ßPP-H, PP-R and HDPE.

All Floway products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the relevant international standards for the dimensional, testing and performance requirements of polypropylene and drainage piping.

With outstanding physical, chemical and thermal properties, Floway pipes, fittings and fabrications are found in many industries including – chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospitals, food, water treatment, hydrometallurgical, nuclear, paper and pulp, metal plating, etc.

Features and Benefits

Floway polypropylene drainage piping system benefit from many features in comparison to traditional metallic piping products and indeed to many other thermoplastic systems.

  • Smooth Bores – Floway pipes and fittings have smooth bores, giving exceptional flow characteristics.
  • Chemical Resistance – Floway piping has outstanding chemical resistance, ensuring a full and safe working life.
  • Temperature Resistance – Floway piping systems safely convey chemicals a temperatures from –20°C to 110°C under continuous operating conditions and up to 130°C for short periods.
  • Impact Resistance – Floway pipes and fittings are made to handle abuse and have superior impact resistance, even at sub-zero temperatures.
  • External Loadings – The Floway high modulus polypropylene will accommodating external loadings and ground movement, enabling installation under buildings, application area code UD
  • Wear Resistance – Floway pipes and fittings have a low friction co-efficient and a high resistance to abrasion.
  • UV Resistance – Floway have good resistance to UV degradation and are suitable for aboveground, external applications.
  • Lightweight – Chemflo pipes and fittings are significantly lighter than metallic piping making their handling and installation far easier. Approximately 1/8th the weight of cast iron.
  • Jointing – Chemflo products can be joined quickly, consistently and efficiently using socket, butt or electro-fusion techniques and mechanical couplers.


  • Plating Solutions
  • Pickling & etching
  • Fume extract
  • Pulp stock
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Blood
  • Hyposulphite
  • Silver salts
  • Alum / bleach
  • Caustic soda
  • Alcohol
  • Brine
  • Alkalis
  • Acids
  • Solvents
  • Toxic effluents
  • Foul and surface water
  • High temp waste
  • Radioactive drainage