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Solar Heating for Swimming Pools

Suncell panels (solar heat absorber / solar plate heat exchanger) have been specifically developed for swimming pool heating and conform to BS 6785; the British Standard for solar heating systems relating to swimming pools.

Suncell is an ideal low-temperature solar application which does not necessitate a more expensive glazed and insulated style of solar panel. Suncell panels are highly efficient for this type of application, operating on a high flow rate principle.

The Suncell panels comprises a polypropylene collector plate with header pipes welded to each end, mounted in an aluminium frame. The use of a specially formulated grade of polypropylene ensures a long life and complete freedom from corrosion by pool water – even from sea water. No maintenance except draining for winter frost protection is required. A five-year guarantee is offered subject to published conditions.

The aluminium frame which surrounds the polypropylene matrix enables easy attachment of the panel to a sloping roof of support frame. The header pipes are linked using hose connectors simply secured by jubilee clips.

  • Low-cost option
  • Payback period 4-8 years
  • 25-year service life
  • Environmental friendly
  • Solar power – the ultimate in renewable energy
  • Outdoor pools heating up to 15°C above ambient temperature under normal working conditions
  • Equal or better than glazed and insulated panels and much cheaper
  • Simple controls
  • In many cases can use existing pool pump, with no need for a heat exchanger
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Light and easy to install
  • Suitable for seawater, with no risk of scaling
  • Fully-recyclable polypropylene

Where can you purchase a Suncell system?

If you are interested in the Suncell solar system you can purchase through one of our approved installers/distributors. They can provide a one-stop-shop for planning, design advice, supply and installation services:

SCP Ltd - Crawley, West Sussex

Web: www.scppool.com
Tel: 01293 546126

Golden Coast - Barnstaple, Devon

Web: www.goldenc.com
Tel: 01271 378100